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Prokon 3.0 Service Pack 2018-08-02

Prokon 3.0 Service Pack 2018-08-02

Prokon 3.0 Service Pack 2018-08-02 | Size: 861 MB

PROKON a structural design analysis software and the design and details of more than 40 different encoding schemes. PROKON was first published in 1989 and is now used in more than 80 countries. The appropriate software and more detailed design work, but its main strength because of the close integration of software analysis and design. During the past two decades PROKON continually improve the conditions of design engineers.

PROKON made by a group of engineers and
building design engineers and technicians is its main purpose. The software is fast and reliable answers to everyday questions designed the building. PROKON for each section, a separate module provides all for a piece of work. Modules can be used alone or together. It sets a powerful workflow from structural analysis to provide details. For example,you can use the module Concrete Base Design and coincides with the Frame Analysis module also automatically be entered to use force. Or in another state, you can manually create or module works Cement Concrete Base Design in Padds used to map and table bending software should be drawn

Frame and finite element analysis

- Design of steel components

- Design of Steel

- designed pre-loaded cement

- CAD design and loading of an Cement

- Design is based

- Construction of other applications, such as properties and database cross-sections


Tips Prokon:

- Enable antivirus software may be used by some mistakenly identified as a virus, if it is not.

- version 6.2.41 application is generally different versions of each module and that being the latest version is 2.6.80.

- Updating online and offline Bhdvsvrt program, which is usually the last service pack separately. To download

Operating Systems
-Windows Vista
-Windows 7
-Windows 8-8.1
-Windows 10
: Recommended Hardware

-1GB or 2GB RAM
-1,024 x 768 SVGA display

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